Pierre Frey for the Ritz Paris

The world famous Ritz Paris has chosen to use a selection of Pierre Frey fabrics for it’s recent renovation, which saw the hotel open its doors for the first time in four years.

The new aesthetic stays true to the traditional, luxuriant French décor the Ritz has always been famed for. This interior decision to maintain the traditional glamour as far as possible made Pierre Frey and Braquenié the perfect choice for the project.

The renovation is estimated to have cost a staggering 200 million euros and was designed by the New York based, French architect Thierry Despont.

The fabrics from Pierre Frey and Braquenié (another of their brands), many made to measure, were selected to bring chic and nobility to the different rooms, lounges and suites of the hotel, well known for its magnificent décor, and for housing some highly influential guests including literary figures such as Marcel Proust, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Despont saw it as crucial that the strong identity of the Ritz as a decadent haunt, quintessentially French and a popular watering hole with famous members of the elite, was maintained through his designs.

The carpets and rugs of the hotel were also custom made by the specialised department of La Maison Pierre Frey, making the brand a key supplier for the prestigious establishment.

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