Roger Oates Floors & Fabrics

The time, effort and attention to detail is what singles out Roger Oates from the rest. The luxury brand works diligently to create the best quality, hand woven fabrics and rugs. Roger Oates short, insightful film is sure to make you appreciate the age-old craft of weaving and the great lengths gone to in creating such a quality product.

When Roger and Fay first discovered a nineteenth century flat-weave fragment in the late 1980s, they set out to reintroduce and reinvent this flooring, woven in such a way as to be utterly authentic and true to the art of weaving, yet completely grounded in chic twenty-first century taste. Designs are originated and coloured by both Fay and Roger and the production process is run by craftsmen who finish by hand.

Milgate is the sole distributor of Roger Oates in Australia, for more information make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms.